Alphaville are independent live music promoters operating in Leeds, Manchester & occasionally elsewhere.


Alphaville is a celebration of the often overlooked legends of yore, as well as a driving force behind the championing and development of some of the most exciting new bands of today. After six successful years of gig promoting in Leeds, in 2019 Alphaville made Manchester its home and has secured a reputation for diverse, well thought-out line-ups and a propensity for the weird, wonderful and wonky side of indie pop, post-punk & electronic music. 

Past bookings include The Raincoats, The Pastels, Damo Suzuki, Vanishing Twin, Go-Kart Mozart, Eric Random, The Wave Pictures, Drahla, Calvin Johnson, Omni, Big Joanie, The Monochrome Set, The Rebel, Pip Blom, The Spook School, DUDS, Handle, Humint, Mush, Rattle, Cowtown, Boyracer, Secret Shine, Even As We Speak, Spinning Coin, Kaputt, Current Affairs, Beige Palace, Bilge Pump, Roxy Girls, Ana da Silva & Phew, Girls in Synthesis, Beards, Housewives and many more.